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Who is a Simp and How Do You Stop Being One?

Over the last few months, especially during the total lockdown stage of the Coronavirus pandemic, the internet gave rise to a lot of slang words. We can’t cover them all in examples, but one that is particularly notable is the word “simp”. For those of you who haven’t quite had the opportunity to catch on, this is it for you!

Who exactly is a Simp?

A simp is a man who often gives very attractive girls his time, money, attention, and affection in hopes that he’ll eventually get the chance to be with her. In his head, there’s nothing wrong with this as it just means that he’s trying to get what he wants by giving what he has. More often than not, a simp doesn’t quite have any self-respect and can be considered to be desperate, considering what he’ll do for a little sex.

Some people say that the word, simp, is derived from the word simpleton. There’s no true way to know because not many books or dictionaries have caught on to the word or its concept.

Signs that you might be a simp without knowing it

Contrary to popular opinion, it’s actually quite easy to let yourself go and “accidentally” become a simp who excessively tends to the emotions of women just so he can get sex or some other sort of favour. Here are a few signs that you already are one.

1. You’re always trying to impress ladies

Ordinarily, unless she’s your woman or the individual is your boss at work, you really shouldn’t be trying to impress people. Even those you’re meant to impress, you should be doing it in moderation. But if you find yourself constantly trying to impress women, you’re a simp.

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2. You put the woman above yourself

This exhibits itself in different ways and different areas from your workplace to your home too, among others. Regardless of where it happens, if you’re always putting girls before you, that’s being a simp. Now, it’s entirely different if you’re the type of guy who helps people unconditionally. But as soon as it becomes about women only and you just want sex in the end, you’re a simp.

3. You value the girl too much for no reason

Now, she hasn’t done anything particularly impressive. She doesn’t like you, and she really isn’t an outstanding individual by any regard. If you’re still valuing her above everyone else in your life despite these just because you want access to her body, then you might be a simp. 

How to Stop Being One

At this point, you should have a fairly good idea of who a simp is and you should already know if you’re one or not. If the answer is positive, you really shouldn’t be so ashamed. Of course, the internet tries to paint you as the most weak-willed of men, but we won’t judge. However, we will advise that you place conscious effort into ensuring that you stop being this person. You see, the simp hardly ever gets the girls. You need to be more focused on yourself and your personal progress. Be conscious of what you want and be assertive enough to go get it yourself without compromising your values.

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