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Godly Principles Every Child Should Possess

Children are the gift of God to their parents, and God gave them to us to train, guide and love them in the way of the Lord. Whatever happens to your child apart from the will of God, the parents are held responsible. I can say children are very smart, looking at my 5-year-old girl, how she responds to situations, act, talk and how she reacts to corrections. I came to a realization that our kids are very smart and should proper values should be inculcated into them as early as possible in order not to miss it.

Here are 5 basic values our children should be groomed with from as early as age 5.

  • Justice and fairness: Don’t you ever think there is a small child anywhere. They are as smart as you are, if not smarter. Kids think because they are little, they can actually go away with a lot of things. Ensure they apologize when they are wrong, and also treat others with fairness. This will help them not to look down on anyone. Col 3: 25


  • Love: Let your kids know the importance of showing love to people around them no matter who the person is. Start by showing it to them at all times and ensure they show it back. Everything you are doing to your kids let them be done in love and let them know if you don’t spank them when they do wrongs, that means you don’t love them. Encourage them to share what they have with people who don’t have it. Roms 13:10
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  • Perseverance: Don’t overpamper a child. Grow their determination towards achieving something and praise them when they do. Don’t make everything at their beck and call. This will encourage laziness, encourage them to engage in challenging things and ensure they achieve it to the end. Hebrews 6:11


  • Honesty: Your children are watching everything you do. Whatever dishonest attribute you possess, be ready to find more in your child. Teach your child how to say the truth always no matter the result afterwards. Praise them whenever they tell the truth because this will encourage them to tell the truth always. Proverbs 21:3


  • Consideration: Start informing them from an early age that they have to consider their actions on other people before doing it. They shouldn’t be self-centered in their decision making. I Cor 10:23-24

You can add other values, try this and give us feedback.


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